Our consulting work spans forecasting, machine learning, and policy.

We do original research, evidence reviews, and large-scale data pipelines.

Current work

Investigating current engineering constraints on neuroscience
Forecasting semiconductor progress and distribution
Evaluating the effect of two training programmes
Reviewing theories of discrimination in social science
Surveying public figures' views on AI

Past work

Summarising and strategising in ten fields at once
Experiment design and technical writing for new ML methods
Location scouting for clinical trials
Reviewing the evidence for generalist forecasters, and implementation issues
Redoing AI forecasting from first principles
Investigating AI talent for Emergent Ventures
Reviewing recent progress in generative biology
Evaluating the track record of a large grantmaker and of outreach
Reviewing the economics of elite education
On intellectual history: what makes movements take off?
Evaluating the forecasting work of Isaac Asimov

Our clients include Open Philanthropy, Schmidt Futures, the Mercatus Center, FAR AI
and the Institute for Progress.

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