TL;DR: fill this out.

Arb is a research consultancy led by Misha Yagudin and Gavin Leech.

You can see our first year of projects here: we worked on

  • forecasting,
  • vaccine strategy,
  • AI risk,
  • economic policy,
  • cause prioritisation,
  • grantmaking,
  • large-scale data collection,
  • a little software engineering,
  • explaining highly technical concepts,
  • and intellectual history.

  • We're looking for researchers with some background in ML, forecasting, technical writing, blogging, or some other hard thing. Current staff include a philosophy PhD, two college dropouts, a superforecaster, a machine learning PhD, etc. We pay a US wage.

    Roles default to remote, with optional long retreats. We spent a full half of 2022 colocated.

    We only take work we think is important. Get in touch!